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Pest Information

Greenhouse Millipede

Greenhouse Millipede

  • Latin Name: Oxidus garcilis
  • Common Name: Greenhouse Millipede
  • Other Names: Garden millipede

Pest Details

Greenhouse Millipede


These are native species in North America.


These small millipedes can be extremely common in landscape and greenhouses, occasionally feeding on live plant materials as well as the normal decaying plant matter. In summer months their populations may swell and thousands may be driven into landscaped areas when their normal habitats dry out, or be flushed out of landscape or turf by excessive watering. They are small enough to easily enter structures but cannot survive inside the structure with its dry conditions. These millipedes are harmless and even unlikely to exude the foul oils of the larger species.


The Garden millipedes will normally be no longer than 1 inch. They have a more flattened appearance and the body segments have a rougher appearance. The legs are longer in proportion to the width of the body than in larger millipedes. The color is brown to dark gray.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Inside a structure the fastest and most appropriate control for a few millipedes would be to use a vacuum to remove them. Dead millipedes of other kinds should be removed quickly before they lose body oils that can stain surfaces. Outside residual contact insecticides may be applied around the perimeter of the structure to intercept wandering millipedes before they enter. Habitat management by removing unnecessary harborage opportunities and managing irrigation properly will reduce their presence.

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