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Chrome Auto-play

Last Updated 5-17-18

Dear ProTraining Online User,

Last week, Google Chrome (v66) implemented an update to disable auto-play by default; which stops websites from automatically launching video scripts, etc.  This has impacted two of our technical courses that have auto-play videos in place: “Hard Ticks” and “The Insect Head.”

This does not impact our other courses with video content, because the course displays a standard “play” button, which is clickable and users can advance as expected.

We will continue to investigate to ensure no other courses have been negatively affected by this issue and develop a solution.

Until our solution is in place, there are three alternative workarounds that you can follow:

  1.  Switch your browser to IE, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.
  2. As soon as you launch the course, quickly and repeatedly click in the course window, while the ‘please wait, loading’ message or the spinning circle is on the screen.  This will trigger the auto-play feature to turn on.  If you don’t click soon enough, you will need to relaunch the course and try again.
  3. Change the default setting in Chrome by doing the following:
    1. Open a new tab in chrome.
    2. In the address bar have the user type in: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and press enter.
    3. The top item in the list should say ‘Auto play policy’ and the box to the right should say ‘Default’
    4. Click the Default button and then select ‘No user gesture is required’.
    5. Click the ‘RELAUNCH NOW’ button at the bottom of the page.  This closes and reopens all Chrome windows and should allow the course to run properly.

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