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Pest Information

White Kyllinga

White Kyllinga

  • Latin Name: Kyllinga Nemoralis
  • Common Name: White Kyllinga
  • Other Names: Whitehead spikesedge

Pest Details

White Kyllinga
White Kyllinga
White Kyllinga


Native to Asia, and introduced to Hawaii, where it is a common turf weed, and even may be used as a turf substitute in some situations.


A perennial weed that reproduces from seeds and rhizomes. It is a low-growing, mat-forming weed particularly conducive to growth in moist areas, and it will adapt to low-mowing heights. A particular problem in turf, but also found in landscape and along roadsides.


White kyllinga is distinctive because of the pure white flower head. This is produced at the end of the flower stalk, and is subtended by several lateral leaves. The flower head is egg shaped or round. Stems are prostrate and form roots at their nodes, further spreading the plantâ??s growth.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Along with control of moisture wherever possible to reduce the growth of the weed, an application with a selective, systemic sedge herbicide will effectively kill it in turf, or a non-selective systemic herbicide in non-turf settings.

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