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Pest Information

Blackeyed Susan

Blackeyed Susan

  • Latin Name: Rudbeckia Hirta
  • Common Name: Blackeyed Susan
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Blackeyed Susan
Blackeyed Susan
Blackeyed Susan


A native plant in North America, and found throughout the United States and much of Canada. A number of varieties exist and this is a common ornamental plant in gardens.


A perennial whose foliage dies back in the winter, with re-growth from the roots in the spring. Reproduction is from seeds. Some varieties may be annuals or biennials. In the northeast this is an extremely common roadside weed, forming extensive stands in open areas near woodlands.


This is a very conspicuous roadside plant, with a large, bright yellow flower head that is characteristically daisy-like. Plants can be several feet high, with stems and leaves covered with long, soft, white hairs. Leaves are small and lance-shaped, attached to the stem alternately without stalks. Most leaves arise near the base of the plant, with a few widely spaced along the stem that becomes the flower stalk. Flowers occur singly or sometimes in pairs at the end of the stalk, and these have bright yellow ray flowers and dark velvety violet disc flowers that form a cone shaped mound in the middle. The yellow ray flowers are notched at their tip.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Generally a desirable roadside wildflower that is kept under control with mowing. If elimination is needed a can be done effectively with a systemic non-selective herbicide or selective broadleaf product.

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