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Pest Information

Chicken Weed

Chicken Weed

  • Latin Name: Pectis Prostrata
  • Common Name: Chicken Weed
  • Other Names: Spreading cinchweed

Pest Details

Chicken Weed
Chicken Weed
Chicken Weed


A native weed, found in the United States in Florida and Texas to Arizona, as well as in Mexico and Puerto Rico.


An annual weed that grows in a prostrate mat that easily competes with turf. Reproduction is from seeds, and this is a common weed in turf and landscape as well as many other disturbed sites.


Mature plants are freely branching and prostrate, forming thick mats with dense foliage. The stems and leaves are sparsely clothed with long, soft hairs. Leaves are opposite and lanceolate, with smooth margins and attaching to the stem without a stalk. The small yellow flowers grow from the ends of the stems or from the junction of stem branches, and the base of the flower head is enclosed in a cup-like calyx.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of single plants is effective. When found in turf most members of the sunflower family can be effectively controlled with a selective broadleaf herbicide. Prevention of seed germination can be accomplished with a pre-emergent herbicide.

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