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Pest Information

Purple Aster

Purple Aster

  • Latin Name: Machaeranthera Canescens
  • Common Name: Purple Aster
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Purple Aster


Native to the western United States, and widely distributed from Arizona to Utah and along the west coast into southern Canada.


A biennial or short-lived perennial that reproduces from seeds. Occasionally grown as a desirable garden plant. Flowering occurs throughout the summer and into the fall, with plants retaining their flowers for a long period.


Mature plants may grow to 2 feet tall, with a central stem but extensive branching along its length. Stems are tough and stiff, with leaves growing alternate along them without stalks. The leaves are narrow and up to 2 inches long, usually covered with short hairs. The flowers are a showy violet ray flowers with yellow disc flowers, around 1 inch in diameter. They are often in clusters of 10 to 20 flower heads at the ends of the branches.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial with a short taproot, but easily removed by hand.

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