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Pest Information

Narrowleaf Cudweed

Narrowleaf Cudweed

  • Latin Name: Gnaphalium Falcatum
  • Common Name: Narrowleaf Cudweed
  • Other Names: Narrowleaf purple everlasting

Pest Details

Narrowleaf Cudweed
Narrowleaf Cudweed
Narrowleaf Cudweed


Native to North America and Latin America, and occurring in the United States from Virginia to Florida on the east coast, and west throughout the southern states to California.


An annual weed or sometimes a biennial that reproduces from seeds. Flowering may occur throughout the warm periods of the year. A very common weed in virtually any habitat, from turf and landscape to roadsides, fields and open wooded areas, and any disturbed site.


Leaves occur as a basal rosette as well as singly and alternate along the stems. Several stems may arise from the base of the plant, and these may or may not branch. Both the stems and the leaves are covered with short, soft white hairs. The leaves are elongate and narrow, sometimes becoming wider near the tip, and their margins are smooth. The nondescript flower heads grow in small groups at the ends of the stems and may be brown or greenish. Each individual flower head grows from the axil of very reduced leaves along the upper stem.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of single plants is effective. When found in turf most members of the sunflower family can be effectively controlled with a selective broadleaf herbicide. Prevention of seed germination can be accomplished with a pre-emergent herbicide.

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