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Pest Information

Common Boneset

Common Boneset

  • Latin Name: Eupatorium Perfoliatum
  • Common Name: Common Boneset
  • Other Names: Hempweed, Indian sage, sweating plant, agueweed, boneset, thoroughwort

Pest Details

Common Boneset
Common Boneset
Common Boneset
Common Boneset


Native to North America, and found throughout the eastern half of the continent.


A perennial plant that reproduces from seeds, and will re-grow new foliage in the spring from dormant roots. Plants prefer wet to moist soils in shaded locations, and may be found in marshes, along stream or lake margins, and along roadsides. This is one of many kinds of Thoroughwort, some of which are considered to have herbal medicinal qualities.


Mature plants grow to about 4 feet in height on a strong central stem, with additional stems arising from the base of the plant. Leaves are opposite and arrowhead-shaped, with the greatly widened bases of opposing leaves fused to surround the stem. All veins on the leaves are prominent, and veins and stems are covered with long, soft hairs. Leaf margins are toothed and may turn a darker violet color. Flower clusters arise from the axils of the leaves, on long stalks that terminate with the rounded grouping of dozens of small, white flowers.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Reduction of soil moisture will reduce the soil’s suitability to growth of this plant. Normally not a noxious weed, but control can be achieved with a systemic herbicide.

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