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Pest Information

Bristly Hawksbeard

Bristly Hawksbeard

  • Latin Name: Crepis Setosa
  • Common Name: Bristly Hawksbeard
  • Other Names: Rough hawksbeard

Pest Details

Bristly Hawksbeard
Bristly Hawksbeard


Native to the Mediterranean region and introduced from Europe. Now an occasional weed in the western United States, sometimes common in turf or waste areas.


An annual with a strong taproot. Reproduction is from seeds.


Mature plants have a dense rosette of leaves around the base, growing over 1 foot in height, and numerous stems may emerge from the base to a height of over 2 feet. These stems may be branched near their tops, leading to single flower heads at the end of each stem or branch. Stems are slightly hairy and also have bristles along them, which will distinguish this plant from Smooth hawksbeard. Leaves are elongate and pointed, and are deeply wavy or lobed along their margins. Flower heads are yellow, and usually there are numerous flower heads.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

An annual plant reproducing only from seeds. Hand removal is possible but the strong taproot will make it more difficult.

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