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Pest Information

Erect Pennywort

Erect Pennywort

  • Latin Name: Centella Erecta
  • Common Name: Erect Pennywort
  • Other Names: Centella, coinwort, spadeleaf

Pest Details

Erect Pennywort
Erect Pennywort


Native to the southeastern United States, and found from Texas to Florida to Maryland, as well as in Oregon and Puerto Rico.


A perennial weed that reproduces by seeds, but aggressively sends out rhizomes that rapidly spread the plants. A common turf weed as well as a problem in other moist, sandy soils in many habitats.


Similar in habits and appearance to Asiatic pennywort, but the leaves of Erect pennywort are more spade-shaped than rounded, the margins are only slightly wavy, and the upper and lower surfaces are covered with short, soft hairs. The margins are usually distinctly red, and there is a short petiole. Flowers occur in small clusters from the leaf axils, and they are inconspicuous white flowers that live only a short time.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

When it occurs in turf a systemic broadleaf herbicide will be effective.

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