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Location: Los Angeles/Pasadena, California We are a family-owned pest control company based in La Verne, California currently serving the Los Angeles and Pasadena areas. We are seeking a qualified Pest Control Technician to join our team. Requirements: - Valid driver’s license and clean driving record. - Valid California Branch 2 Applicator or Field Representative Pest Control License. Responsibilities: - Conduct pest control treatments and inspections according to company protocols and industry standards. - Safely and effectively use chemicals and equipment to eliminate pests and prevent infestations. - Efficiently oversee your designated route, ensuring timely completion of service stops, and maintain open lines of communication with your customers. - Maintain records of service visits, treatments performed, and customer interactions. - Provide excellent customer service, addressing client inquiries and concerns with professionalism and courtesy. - Collaborate with team members to optimize route efficiency and achieve company objectives. What We Offer: - An existing Los Angeles/Pasadena route with salary and commission. - Lucrative sales incentives. - Company vehicle, company work phone, and all necessary equipment/chemicals provided. - Opportunity to work part-time or full-time, offering flexibility to accommodate personal schedules. - Supportive work environment within a family-owned company. How to Apply: If this opportunity interests you, please email your resume to

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