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Wanted Branch 2 Structural Pest Control Field Rep or applicator: Will train the right individual. We are a botique company that specializes in bed bugs, which has great benefits like: 1. Mostly working in a climate controlled environment, no hot sun or bad weather 2. No carrying a 30+ pound back pack on your back. 3. Will have a comfortable company supplied vehicle that you will take home at night. 4. Drive/travel time around the greater LA area is paid. 5. Day goes by fast, driving to jobs to perform inspections and treatments. Not strapped to a desk for 8 hours straight 6. No working on major holidays or Sundays and overtime is available along with commissions. 7. A great essential career with growth opportunities. We we are looking for: 1. Honesty and attention to detail. Be focused. 2. Strong customer service skills, communication and punctual. 3. Good with small tools, and problem solving. able to carry 20-40 pounds regularly 4. Clean driving record. 5. License requires Livescan/background check. 6. Professional appearance/demeaner 7. Provide quality service and solid communication to maitain all 5 Star reviews. 8. Ideally will live in the general Los Angeles Area 9. Physicaly fit, able to lift 20-40 pounds regularly Starting pay is $22-$27 per hour DOE. Overtime and commission also available. If you would like to be considered for this position, send me an email with your resume, or at least some details about yourself and why you would be good for this position. or text 949-315-1720

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