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ASKING $35,000 Or Best Offer Bed Bug Heat Assault HA500X system with extras. The Cummins Onan Commercial generator has 1833 hours. The dual burners have 982 hours on them and the total operating time of the unit is 1622 hours. All maintenance has been done personally by us. If you are looking to tackle any bed bug heat treatment and eradicate them at a fraction of the time of electric units, this is it. Net heat input of this unit is 436,000BTU’s. Can heat multiple units at once due to extra fans, heaters and manifolds included in listing. See below for details. This entire 500X heat unit comes with: (10) fans (9) heaters (4) manifolds (6) large 50ft hoses (20) small 25ft hoses (6) spring loaded hose connectors (16) small sprinkler covers (16) large sprinkler covers (1) Complete Shutgun Sprinkler shut off case (7-pieces) (4) task support rods for sprinkler covers +moving blankets, safety cones, etc, etc We can provide pricing structure and even help you set up a treatment once purchased. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 484-860-9621 Thank you.

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