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**Job Title: Pest Control Technician** **Job Description:** **Overview:** We are seeking a reliable and customer-focused Pest Control Technician to join our team. The ideal candidate is trustworthy and responsible. This role offers the opportunity to transition into a managerial position. ** Who are we? ** - We are a small customer service focused pest control company. We have the best customers and we give them the best service. We have an organized route and you will not be sent all over Southern California. * * You must have ** - Valid driver’s license and clean driving record. - Valid California Branch 2 Field Representative Pest Control License or ability to get one. - Knowledge of common pests, their behavior, and effective control measures. ** What do we offer? ** - Regular service bonuses and sales bonuses plus hourly min wage. - Lucrative sales incentives. - Great financial opportunity for the right person. - Company vehicle and all equipment. - Ongoing training and professional development opportunities to enhance your skills. - Management opportunity for those demonstrating leadership potential. Read below to learn more if this sounds like something you are interested in and email us your information at Provide a resume with previous work and references.

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