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Are you looking for a bigger and better opportunity? Do you want to control your own income? If so, make the switch to Pinnacle! Who we are: For more than 23 years, Pinnacle Pest Control has built a reputation as one of the Sacramento and East Bay area leading providers of termite and pest control services. Pinnacle has a robust marketing strategy which includes an aggressive television, digital, radio, billboard, social media, and internet marketing budget that in turn provides our sales inspectors with year round qualified leads on a daily basis. What’s in it for me: Company vehicle, iPhone & iPad tablet, Bonus Plan, Employee Referral Bonus, 401(K) Plan, Vacation Pay, HolidayPay, Paid Sick Time, Medical,Dental, Vision Benefits. What do I need to be successful: Branch 2 or 3 Field Rep. License in good standing, Valid Drivers License, must be able to pass a drug test. Earning potential: $75,000 - $155,000 per year If you are interested and qualified, call Arnold Molina (916) 704-1692 or email resume to

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