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***House Doctor Exterminating is looking for the perfect replacement candidate to fill the position just opening in our termite department. One of Our great termite technicians of over 5 years is moving on to help in his fathers construction business so he can move on with retirement plans.*** House Doctor Exterminating is searching for a self-efficient and hardworking termite technician who is licensed through the state of Arizona and the Department of Agriculture. PERSON APPLYING MOST HAVE AN ACTIVE TERMITE LICENCE OR DO NOT APPLY Termite technician requirements: Experience running a route Must be able to work Monday through Saturday. Termite technician applying must be clean cut, well mannered, have good writing and verbal skills to interact with customers and staff. Experience with Termidor chemical application is a plus. Also a pest license would be an added benefit with experience in pest control, rodent and bee control. Termite technician compensation will depend on experience. PERSON APPLYING MOST HAVE AN ACTIVE TERMITE LICENCE OR DO NOT APPLY Job Type: Full-time Pay: $17.00 - $23.00 per hour


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