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ScorpionTech Termite and Pest Control is searching for a full-time Office Manager (Office Team Leader). Management experience in a service business is preferred. Our office is locate in Mesa, AZ. The safety and wellness of our team and the customers we serve is of paramount importance. We have put in place additional safety protocols and practices to do our part to protect against COVID-19. We also follow current CDC guidelines. Description: We are a growing company looking to hire an “A-player” who is ready to help us level-up as a company! Required/Preferred Experience: · 1 year of management/leadership for home and/or commercial service businesses or equivalent experience preferred. · 1 years of customer service experience required. 2 years preferred. · Proven track record of contributing to the team culture of engagement in the business desired. · Experience driving customer satisfaction and growth of the business. · Experience with subscription based services is highly preferred. · Have the ability to organize and execute effective internal processes and reporting in an office setting. · Experience using PestRoutes or other pest control software is also preferred. · Familiarity with Scaling Up business practices and the Power of One desired. Responsibilities: 1. Oversee office organization and routine a. Attend and lead daily and weekly office team huddles. 2. Oversee routing and scheduling 3. Oversee new customer experience 4. Management of customer follow up interactions 5. Payment terms and agreement completed, clear and correct and on file 6. Oversee on time billing and collecting of invoices to customers 7. Develop and execute a process for incoming leads and converting to subscription customers 8. Monitor Customer satisfaction and reviews Skills/Capabilities: 1. Aware and observational You are someone who pays attention to detail and who notices small things that can be addressed and improved. 2. On time/Punctual You show up to work on time and ready to go, looking to help us deliver results to our customers. 3. High energy You are the type of individual who shows up for any challenge and can also help other team members buy-in. 4. Character—honest, trustworthy You keep the rules and take ownership. 5. Presentable dressed for work You dress in a professional manner. 6. Communication skills You communicate well with other team members and are unafraid to have different ideas or to have a discussion to determine best course of action for the customer. 7. Caring As our first core value states, “We value each Team member and Customer.” Benefits: Paid Time Off. Paid day off on Birthday. Paid Vacation. Health Insurance offered. Dental Insurance offered. Opportunity for growth and advancement within the organization. Job Type: Full-time Pay: From $18.00 per hour


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