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Working for someone else? Getting tired of it? Are your boss's family members getting that bump in pay and position, power playing on you and leaving you at the old glass ceiling? Did the company you work for sell out to the big corporation(s) and now you're in the lurch of company redesigns, pay cuts and lay offs? Want to have some skin in the game but have apprehensions about starting from scratch? Provex Pest Management is seeking a branch 3 Operator with experience, drive and work ethic! We need someone that is consistent with personable and professional conduct. Honesty and respect are what makes this business THRIVE. THIS IS AN OPPORUNITY TO OWN, NOT BE JUST ANOTHER EMPLOYEE. Provex Pest is a family owned and operated company and we are about that life. We see the need for our customers seeking W.D.O. inspections and we will be fulfilling that need in the near future and moreover do it the right way! If you currently have your B3 F.R. but can go get your Operator's, that is something we can work with. Contact Mike with any questions. 707-483-8600


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