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Job Description proof. Pest Control is looking for a dependable, driven Pest Control Technician. We are a growing, fast-paced company with a lot of opportunities for growth. At the forefront of proof. are our core values, one of which is "We Evolve". At proof., we are always looking for ways to improve and adapt. These values are the foundation of what separates us from every other pest control company out there. Why choose proof. Pest Control? No Employee Number! Everyone at proof. is part of a family, not an employee database! Bonuses for meeting the team and individual goals Sales Incentives Continuing opportunity for increasing salary and promotion. Biweekly pay Holiday and vacation pay Company vehicle No paper and pen - Get reimbursed for using your cell phone! Volunteer opportunities through the "proof. Gives Back" program An opportunity to work for a company that provides value to its employees, clients, and the community Characteristics of a successful proof. Pest Control Technician: Has a strong work ethic Likes to work at his or her own pace and make decisions without someone looking over their shoulder Genuinely enjoys meeting and speaking with new people. Has a passion for listening to concerns, and using training and information to provide solutions Is part of a team working together to reach significant company goals and a great purpose Is a safe and courteous driver with a current and valid driver's license Ability to lift to 50 lb Due to the nature of our industry, you must be comfortable working outside in any type of weather, as well as comfortable working in confined spaces such as attics and crawl spaces. (For additional characteristics, see our core values proofpest.com) A typical day at proof.: Review route Drive company vehicle from house to client residences Communicate with clients and provide pest control services based on client needs Providing services to meet and exceed client expectations Complete service invoices and automatically bill clients Communicate with the office regarding questions, additional services, etc. Please also review our core values at www.proofpest.com/about-us/ to learn about who we are and what is important to us. Also, take a look at Yelp!, Google+, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, etc. to see how much our clients love us. There is no doubt you will enjoy working with us too! Job Type: Full-time Related keywords: pest control, pest control technician Job Type: Full-time

Website: https://www.proofpest.com/

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