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Job Description Looking for someone who has been in the Pest Control industry for a minimum of 3 years with pest control and management experience. Prefer someone who is currently pest control licensed in the state of South Carolina. The ideal hire would be someone who has always wanted to own their own pest control company but hasn’t been able to pull the trigger for one reason or another. We have a unique opportunity to work our warm leads and to manage our small but growing team. The sky's the limit on income, so money motivated and desire to grow fast is a must. Mosquito/Pest Authority are looking for an experienced leader in the pest control industry to lead our Myrtle Beach branch. The selected individual must have experience driving new sales generation and leading a team of dedicated service professionals. This opportunity will require a focus to develop a team and execute on the business directives. Our leader must be an outgoing, engaging, and performance driven professional that can gain results through people. The leader of this operation will receive a highly competitive base salary, bonus potential, a company vehicle, and available medical and 401k benefits.

Website: https://www.pestauthority.com

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