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Looking for a job where you can use your carpentry skills and SPCB license to become a part of a close-knit team of termite professionals with the opportunity to expand your skill set with one of the valley's most reputable and experienced termite operators? We are a tiny, owner owned and operated Branch 2 and 3 licensed termite company in South San Jose looking specifically for experienced termite treatment and repair technicians. Our reputation is spreading and we are expanding quickly. We are also interested in chatting with anyone with general pest control and rodent trapping and exclusion work. What we can offer you: -Competitive pay -Paid vacation and select holidays -Quarterly bonuses for performance -Collaborative, family-friendly work environment -Opportunities to expand skills and licensing -Possible management/ownership opportunities for valued employees -Daily challenges to innovate and help grow the business -Ownership that values and rewards hard work, engagement and loyalty General requirements: -Current Branch 3 applicators license -English proficiency -Impeccable professionalism -Clean DMV -Previous experience in construction repair (preferred but not required) and termite treatments -Must own basic construction repair tools Applicants must be willing to submit to background checks and drug screening. Phone calls, text and emails are all acceptable forms of contact 408-596-9368 Hablamos un poco de español, llámenos y haremos un horario para tener un hablante de español disponible para ayudar.

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