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We are currently seeking to hire a Pest Control Professional to join our team! These individuals build strong relationships with customers by readily seeking out ways to help ensure their environment is pest-free and healthy. *Minimum 1 Year Pest Control Experience Required* Responsibilities: • Perform a variety of pest prevention and pest elimination services in and around commercial and residential structures. • Continually build relationships with customers by promoting excellent customer service, quality, integrity, and professionalism. • Complete required service records, customer reports, time records, etc., in accordance with company procedures and state/federal regulations. • Properly maintain all service equipment, including vehicles. Clean equipment and vehicles regularly and as required. • Maintain up-to-date company and state/federal licensing. Job Type: Full-time Benefits: • 401(k) • Dental/Health/Life/Vision Insurance • Paid time off Schedule: • Monday - Friday • Overtime (Occasional) • Saturday (Occasional) • Hourly and Commission Work Location: • Metro Atlanta This Company Describes Its Culture as: • Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused • Stable -- traditional -- stable -- strong processes • People-oriented -- supportive and fairness -- focused • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative


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