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Prolific Pest Control is seeking full-time Rodent Repair Crew in the San Gabriel, Pasadena, Inland Empire and surrounding areas. Our route technicians keep their vehicles at home in order to more efficiently manage their work days. This full time position, 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week generally includes five (5) hours of overtime (1 hour per day), per week with occasional Saturday work available. Wages are governed by experience, industry licensing and skills or abilities related to the job. Company benefits including life insurance policy and established Vacation and Sick time off. - Locate and repair opening on buildings and homes where rodents are entering. - Trap and remove rodents from difficult places like crawlspaces and attics - Occasional labor in attics including insulation removal and sanitation - Ability to get Pest Control license will also lead to raise - Provide service as needed for new accounts (sales commissions) - Valid California Drivers License Clean driving record - Can pass a drug test, physical and a background check Job Type: Full-time Salary: $15.50 to $18.50 /hour depending on experience Experience: Construction 1 year (Preferred) Education: High school or equivalent (Preferred) License: CA Pest Control License (Optional) California drivers license (Required) Please call the office directly at (626) 765-7631 to schedule an interview.

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