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Ranked as the 24th largest pest control company in the US. Lloyd Pest Control is the 2nd largest family owned business in California. We are searching for individuals who are passionate about creating business to business relationships and motivated to generate a limitless income potential. Our Business Development Managers actively seek out and cultivated beneficial relationships with commercial clients to provide pest solutions for their businesses. Lloyd Pest Control provides an extensive pest education for those individuals who have the drive and desire to create an unmatchable sales presence within the pest control industry in Southern California. Our Business Development Managers earn on average $80,000 per year with some earning more than $100,000. . .. it's all up to you. We provide all the resources including vehicle, computer, and sales training to aid you in successfully meeting your goals! Qualified candidates should have experience with outside sales building customer relationships, identify and seeking out potential clientele; experience using a sales CRM; negotiation techniques including bid and contract negotiations; self-motivated to establish and meet sales goals. We are looking for candidates who have experience with pest control, preferably with a Branch II pest control license. To apply visit us at or email resume.


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