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Would you like to work for a company that is striving to be the best in the industry? Check out our reviews online! We are the company that is raising the industry standard in our geographical area. We have grown and are opening a new route this coming month, July 2020. We are currently accepting applications from individuals that would like to join our team. Are you looking for a long term career? Yes, we are a Client Centric Company and we realize that it is our valued Team Members that make us successful. Are you tired of being treated like a number or just flat out being disrespected? Come and become a valued Team Member at Rocklin Pest Control Services. RPCS is accepting applications for Pest Technicians. Applicants must have a current and active California Branch 2 Field Representative or Applicator License. Salary: $31,200.00 to $33,600.00 with the potential to earn $50,000.00 plus a year with applicable bonuses. 
Please send your resume to: 
Rich Sartain
General Manager
Rocklin Pest Control Services, Inc. 
916-250-8833 Cell 
“The Bug Stops Here.”

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