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Ronin Pest Control is now looking for qualified candidates to join our team.

Our mission is to provide our policy holders with quality service, innovation in treatment options and integrity developing long term relationships.

Potential candidates will be expected to display the following characteristics:

Establish and maintain working relationships with policy holders.

Educate and demonstrate current industry treatment solutions

Manage and adjust to fast a paced and changing environment

We have current interest in some one experience on Termite and pest control division, as field inspector branch 3, field bunch 2 and/or applicator with experience/knowlage in alternative treatments to tenting, drill and treats, and local treats, experience on termite reports, general pest control inspections and treatments.

Immediate Openings to work in:

Los Angeles County

Candidate must:

Have a clean driving record.

Maintain effective results by adhering to company standards

Communicate and work well with others

Be currently Licensed as Field Representative branch 2, branch 3 and/or applicator

Minimum of one years of field experience and motivated to make a good solid future in our company.

Ronin Pest Control provides:

Great Pay from $15.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour everything depends on the experience.

Website: http://www.roninpestcontrol.com

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