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Licensed Branch 3 since 1999 no complaint or accusation ever filed against me or my license. I have worked as a field rep, operations mgr., general mgr. and customer service/adim. supervisor. I have assisted over 8 companies in new principal registration start up. I have worked at several companies in the position of General / Operations Manager training the existing staff to become more efficient and much more profitable. I am experienced in all operations to include: WDO inspections / sales (residential, commercial and multi-unit), construction bidding, supervision of repair and treatment crews, all aspects of the administrative side (WDO report software, accounting and accountability reports), sales / marketing. I am a great communicator and am very detailed oriented. Currently I am available to fulfill the position of Qualifying Manager of your Branch III company. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs and how I may be able to assist in the success of your company. I can be reached by call or text to (714) 206-2268 or by email to Serious suitors only!!! Thanks.

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