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Active Pest Control is actively looking for the right candidate to add to our Office Team.... Pay starts at $20 an hour plus or negotiable for the right candidate. If licensed, sales commissions will also be paid for over the phone sales. Roles and responsibilities: * Assisting clients over the phone and providing customer service * Quoting service rates to potential clients * Assist in coordinating routes for technicians * Schedule inspections and estimates * Oversee work turned in by technicians * Assist with termite reports as needed * Assisting Director and Qualifying Manager * Maintain productive office workflow *Qualifications and Requirements......... * Experience in the Pest and Termite Industry * Good at problem solving and capable of delegating work to technicians * Professional, courteous and have excellent communication skills * Good attention to detail * Proficient in Microsoft and Excel **We offer benefits for full time employees who pass their 90 day probationary period which includes, Holiday pay, Sick pay and Paid time off. **Opportunity for Advancement for those who seek a long lasting career Pay is negotiable with the right candidate. Please contact Pary at 562-860-7777 or by email at


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