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We are currently seeking a motivated and ambitious candidate to join our team. As a Johnny Rat Pest Control technician you will make service calls to residential and commercial properties and apply anti-pest treatments as stated in your job orders. COMPANY BACKGROUND Johnny Rat Pest Control offers professional commercial and residential pest removal service to the greater Los Angeles area. Johnny Rat Pest Control is a family owned business with over 15 years of combined experience ranging from rodent exclusion for rats and mice, to insect extermination, such as cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, fleas, ants, bee's, wasps, spiders and more. Our highly qualified technicians are professional and dedicated to making sure the service is done correctly and efficiently the first time. We are passionate about what we do and constantly strive to educate ourselves with the latest techniques to deliver the best results. We offer organic solutions for both pest and rodent control for clients who are more sensitive to chemicals. Rodent exclusion/control is one of our specialties. We also handle dead animal removals and animal cleanup services and we can clean, sanitize and deodorize when needed. RESPONSIBILITIES - Must have a professional and friendly personality for our clients. -Respond on a timely basis to customer requests for telephone and in-person service calls. -Must be able to perform rodent, pest and termite inspection in the field. (requires some crawling and climbing on a ladder). -Use and apply company pesticide products to residential locations according to schedule, safety procedures and label instructions. -Will drive company vehicle to clients homes or commercial buildings. Also must maintain vehicle and equipment in clean and proper operating condition. -Complete required production forms at the end of daily route. KNOWLEGDE AND EXPERIENCE -Ability to read simple instructions, comprehend and answer questions regarding pest control. -Must be comfortable using an Android tablet or Apple I pad in the field. -Ability to present information to clients in a thorough and clear manner. -Ability to do simple addition, subtraction and division. -Must be able to compute, rate, ratio, and percent and to draw and interpret bar graphs. -Must have licenses/certificates as required by federal, state, or local regulations. Job Type: Commission Required education: •High school or equivalent Required experience: •Pest Control: 1 year Required licenses or certifications: •Valid drivers license with clean driving record •Applicator License

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