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When an account does not have recent signs of rodent activity, they may think about putting their rodent control service on hold. Customers don’t want to pay a service for something that no longer seems necessary, and having visible rodent control devices out at their business can be perceived negatively by the public. Having rodent control measures in place at accounts in high-traffic areas can be misleading to the average person, as uneducated viewers may assume there is a current rodent problem at hand. Weekly onsite visits where PMPs must manually service each station around the facility is very noticeable to the public as well. A rumor could arise and spread about a rodent infestation, which would damage a business’ reputation and revenue. Preventive rodent control is necessary to keep clients safe, and ideally services should be conducted as discreetly as possible.

Ideally, rodent control should be conducted using a preventive approach, rather than reactive. Catching these pests before they enter businesses and homes is far easier than trying to knock down a population that is already established and growing. Continuing your rodent control service will give you peace of mind, and your account will have a lower risk of infestation. If a client is worried about these products being visible, then discreet options are available for the PMP to implement. A discreet bait station is purposefully designed to blend in with the outdoor environment and can be used to conduct discreet rodent control in high-traffic areas at sensitive accounts.

An account is considered sensitive if they have a large amount of people roaming the premises on a daily basis such as restaurants, golf courses, schools, hotels, etc. If it’s impossible to keep bait stations out of public view, then using a discreet station is the best and only option. Protect your customer’s business by utilizing a discreet station that doesn’t draw attention. Protect your own business, as a PMP, by using a discreet station so that you don’t have to worry about your stations being tampered with by the public. 

Bell’s Landscape iQ, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies, provides solutions to these problems. This smart monitoring tray fits in both new and existing Weighted Landscape stations. The Weighted Landscape is a secure, rat-size bait station with realistic color, stone, and a naturally textured surface to give this bait station the authentic look of a rock, classifying it as a discreet station. With the addition of an iQ tray, monitoring rodent activity is easier and less time consuming for all PMPs. The sensor collects timestamps of rodent activity and communicates via Bluetooth directly to the Bell Sensing App when technicians are onsite doing their service. PMPs can check the amount of activity that occurred within each station by simply walking around the site with their mobile device, only physically checking stations that have proven activity. The data gathered will empower PMPs to improve their service, knowing when to add additional bait stations or rodenticide, or where to move bait stations to win the fight against rodents. 

iQ technology allows technicians to do their job better, as they can now spend their time completing in-depth inspections or solving other pest problems, instead of trying to determine rodent activity and checking stations without activity. Know when and where rodents are traveling at sensitive accounts with iQ products, Powered by Bell Sensing Technologies. 


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