Advancing German Cockroach Treatments: Rounding Out Rotation


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Advancing German Cockroach Treatments: Rounding Out Rotation  


Understanding the Challenge  

German cockroach infestations are a persistent challenge for Pest Management Professionals. German cockroaches mature fast, typically taking around 100 days to complete the entire life cycle. With a short life cycle and high reproductive capacity, they are resilient pests that can adapt quickly, leading to the development of resistance to both the active ingredient and food matrix in baits. Having a rotational plan in place is essential for successful treatments. 


The Rotational Advantage  

Rotating cockroach gel baits helps to combat resistance and enhance treatment efficacy. The principle is simple yet powerful – by alternating between different active ingredients and food matrices, you are constantly changing the mode of action and food source roaches are eating. Your rotational plan will vary based on your company's policies and logistics. While quarterly rotation is common, you may consider adjusting the rotation frequency to every six months or annually depending on treatment success. 


The Optimal Rotation  

Baits may not always succeed in eliminating an entire population of cockroaches. The remaining roaches can cause the population to rebound. Including an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) in your treatment throughout your rotation provides an insurance policy. NyGuard® IGR acts on the immature stages and prevents nymphal cockroaches from developing into reproductive adults, reducing the population's ability to grow.  IGRs provide the assurance you need, especially when dealing with these highly adaptable pests.   


Benefits of an IGR: 

  1. Disruption of the Reproductive Cycle: Insect growth regulators are compounds that interfere with insects' normal development and reproduction. IGRs target the juvenile stages of cockroaches, preventing them from maturing into reproductive adults. This disrupts the reproductive cycle of the cockroach population, ultimately reducing their ability to reproduce and infest.  
  2. Long-Term Population Control: IGRs provide a long-lasting impact on pest populations. By inhibiting the growth and development of immature cockroaches, the overall population is held in check over an extended period.


Build Your Rotation 

The Vendetta® family helps you round out rotation at any infestation level. With consistent performance that works around the clock, the highly attractive and effective matrices provide multiple modes of action with the inclusion of NyGuard® IGR. 

  1. Use Vendetta® for low level infestations  
  2. Vendetta® Plus is best for medium infestations   
  3. Try Vendetta® Nitro for heavy infestations   
  4. Newly available Vendetta® 360 is designed for rotation  

Vendetta 360 is ideal for rotation, designed for use with Vendetta, Vendetta Plus, Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Baits, and other cockroach baits. The innovative food matrix changes the cuisine and prevents cockroaches from becoming picky eaters.


Advance your roach defense system with Vendetta 360, the latest addition to the Vendetta family.   


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