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Employee Spotlight: Nate Tamialis


When Nate first moved to the west coast from his home in Washington, D.C., he was in for a bit of culture shock. Growing up near the Mason-Dixon line, he’d always been accustomed to friendly discussions with neighbors and other locals. But in California, it seemed people drove directly into their garages and called it a night — not the easiest environment to connect with people.The year was 1998 and Nate was kicking off a career in pest management that would go quite far, quite fast. Starting off as a route technician, he soon became Orange County’s pest control manager, then a regional man...

Mr. Pest Control Q&A


Q. What products and steps are needed to treat multiple cats in a bed bug infested home? The customer has two dogs and eight cats living indoors with them. Hours after I heated and sprayed the home, the homeowners called complaining about seeing multiple live bugs. The only variable in this home is the large number of cats. I tend to have problems with cat owners in general, especially if their cats runs the neighborhood.-- David, OHA. It shouldn’t be unexpected to see a few live bed bugs after a treatment. How many are reasonable is debatable, but the point behind multiple treatments is th...

Mr. Pest Control Q&A


Q. Can a crack and crevice treatment be performed with a microencapsulated product in an office while people are working?-- George, CAA. The answer mostly depends on the product label. Product labels normally have restrictions against applications in occupied patient rooms or classrooms. They may have an additional restriction against applications when occupants are in the immediate area or room being treated. So you should choose a product that doesn’t have this additional restriction. However, I don’t recommend spraying a liquid product in front of office employees. If possible, bait...

Ambitious PMPs Want to Expand Their Service Offerings - And That’s Exactly What We’re Helping Them Do


Twice a year, Univar commissions Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer surveys that reach out to professionals nationwide for their feelings about their preferred distributor.We learn a lot from these studies, and this year was no different. Loud and clear, pest management professionals across the country said in 2016 that they expect insight into business growth from their distributors. Not just that they want it or appreciate the help. They expect it.To a company like ours that places tremendous value on not just serving customers, but guiding them, that’s a directive. And it’s a la...

Univar Employee Spotlight: Joanna Harris–Goveia


At Univar, everyone’s a customer service representative in addition to their formal job title. But, we do have some people who devote themselves entirely to making our customers’ lives easier, and Joanna Harris-Goveia is one of them.As a Customer Service Manager, Joanna oversees representatives in eight Univar ProCenters in the northeast region. “I work with my Customer Service Reps to ensure our customers are getting the very best service in the industry, leading them to become a customer for life,” she says. Every great customer service professional has stories about going the extra ...

Infographic: What's Happening Across the Industry


At Univar, we take pride in providing customers with the most current industry news and knowledge - within local communities and nationwide.Here's an overview of this fall's biggest trends as reported by Univar sales manager across the country.(click to enlarge)

65+ free PCT courses now available for CEUs through ProTraining


Starting today, the industry’s two most respected training catalogs will be available through a single online platform: ProTraining by Univar. We have partnered with PCT to integrate their entire Label Training library directly into ProTraining on PestWeb, giving professionals unparalleled access to courses approved for CEUs in most of the United States and Canada. See the end of this article for the full list of everything that’s been added today. With two course libraries available on a single unified platform, technicians and managers can now review training history from U...

Employee Spotlight: Cris Harmon


If there’s one word that seems to frame every element of Cris’ life, it’s drive.For starters, you’ll find her at the golf course, driver in hand, almost every weekend. Cris had toyed with the sport on and off for years, but started playing seriously around 2007. Since then she’s upped her game, lowered her handicap, and made her way to the Masters twice — as a spectator, at least. “It was awesome and was definitely on my bucket list,” she said of the tournament. Her enthusiasm about “the holy grail of all golf events” was palpable.During the other five days of the week, Cris gets her d...

Infographic: What's Happening Across the Industry


At Univar, we take pride in providing customers with the most current industry news and knowledge - within local communities and nationwide.Here's an overview of this summer's biggest trends as reported by Univar sales manager across the country.(click to enlarge)

Welcome to a Completely New PestWeb


At Univar, we don't like to make special announcements about every single company update. We try to reserve that for truly important news… something we think our customers want and need to know right now.Today happens to be one of those "big news" days. If you haven't already noticed, we've just finished rebuilding PestWeb from the ground up. It's hard to imagine what could be bigger than that.This is huge for us on the Univar side since we've taken months to research, design, and develop a new site that does everything PestWeb currently does, except better. Every change was based on existi...

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