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We Won’t Put a Price on Safety: Why Univar Only Sells to Professionals

Trace McEuen | 10/16/2017

To become North America’s leading distributor in specialty chemicals, Univar has had to do a lot of things the competition wasn’t willing or able to do.We built an incredible distribution infrastructure. We invested in relationships with our customers. We put in long hours, and worked hard to find and keep the best people. But one thing we never did, and never will, was compromise on integrity or safety to get ahead.Make no mistake: there are resellers in the market who are willing to look the other way. They’ll sell products to buyers who are not equipped, trained, or licensed to handle th...

Employee Spotlight: Cris Harmon

Andrew Assir | 09/18/2017

If there’s one word that seems to frame every element of Cris’ life, it’s drive.For starters, you’ll find her at the golf course, driver in hand, almost every weekend. Cris had toyed with the sport on and off for years, but started playing seriously around 2007. Since then she’s upped her game, lowered her handicap, and made her way to the Masters twice — as a spectator, at least. “It was awesome and was definitely on my bucket list,” she said of the tournament. Her enthusiasm about “the holy grail of all golf events” was palpable.During the other five days of the week, Cris gets her d...

Infographic: What's Happening Across the Industry

Cris Harmon | 08/24/2017

At Univar, we take pride in providing customers with the most current industry news and knowledge - within local communities and nationwide.Here's an overview of this summer's biggest trends as reported by Univar sales manager across the country.(click to enlarge)

Welcome to a Completely New PestWeb

Karl J Kisner | 07/26/2017

At Univar, we don't like to make special announcements about every single company update. We try to reserve that for truly important news… something we think our customers want and need to know right now.Today happens to be one of those "big news" days. If you haven't already noticed, we've just finished rebuilding PestWeb from the ground up. It's hard to imagine what could be bigger than that.This is huge for us on the Univar side since we've taken months to research, design, and develop a new site that does everything PestWeb currently does, except better. Every change was based on existi...

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