• Mon Nov 5 2012

    The Importance of Safety Products

    In today’s business climate, failing to plan means planning for failure, so planning for safety is a crucial first step. That’s why safety products are an essential component of the added-value services offered to each customer by Univar Environmental Sciences. We provide a wide selection of safety products that anticipate and address the needs of every market we serve. As our customers, your safety comes first.  Industrial safety products cover a wide range of categories. The goal of each product is to prevent illness or injury from hazards in industrial settings. These products ...

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  • Mon Oct 29 2012

    Just launched - PestWeb Ratings & Reviews

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  • Mon Oct 29 2012

    Inspection Forms Now Available from Univar

    Successful control of any pest relies on understanding the Big Picture and the contributing conditions that attracted the pest and allow it to remain. This begins with a proper inspection of the site, and we are pleased to provide you with these new Inspection Forms to help you in this effort.Commercial Kitchens – Restaurants, Cafeterias • Food Processing and Distribution PlantsHospitals and Healthcare FacilitiesHotels, Motels, ResortsCorrectional Facilities – Jails, PrisonsResidential – Homes, ApartmentsRodent Management – Residential, Commercial • Schools and Educational InstitutionsSuper...

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  • Fri Oct 26 2012

    New PestWeb Video from Univar Environmental Sciences

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  • Fri Oct 5 2012

    Proper Bed Bug Treatment Means Faster Service and Higher Profits

    At their best, bed bug treatments are time consuming, difficult, and require a variety of control techniques. Don’t make the job harder than it needs to be by limiting the tools you bring to the job site. In this down economy, it is tempting to offer discounted bed bug services by cutting out certain tools and techniques, such as steam, vacuuming, encasements, deadfall traps, monitors, etc. However, each of these tools will save you money by allowing you to finish your bed bug work more quickly, effectively, and profitably. Cut them out, and you’ll likely see your labor costs and callbacks ...

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  • Wed Sep 5 2012

    Top-of-the-Line Gutter Protection: The Solution for Leaves and Pests

    Ease of Sale Your business has numerous customers who value and trust your opinion, and homeowners appreciate those contractors who are proactive in solving problems. During the fall and spring months, nearly all homeowners with trees on their property experience gutter problems resulting from fallen leaves and tree-dwelling bugs and critters. Because your service techs are already in your clients’ homes several times a year, ensuring that gutters are properly cared for is an easy add-on service you can provide. You’ll be surprised with the number of responses you’ll receive once homeowners...

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  • Sun Aug 5 2012

    Reasons to Use Insect Light Traps as Part of a Fly Control Program

    As everyone knows, flies can carry bacteria such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria. According to the FDA estimates, some 48 million* cases of food-borne illness are reported in the US every year. Fly management is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment.Insect light traps offer an efficient and highly effective method of fly management. Any insect light trap will catch flies eventually, but the most important factor is the rate at which the flies are caught. A quicker fly catch means that the risk of flies contaminating food is quickly reduced.The traps’ grid-...

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  • Thu Jul 5 2012

    A Primer on Pheromones

    For the pest management professional, pheromone traps are effective tools for monitoring stored-product pests, especially moths such as the Indian meal moth and webbing clothes moths. Pheromones, chemical messengers used by insects to communicate, function much like hormones do in the human body. Pheromone traps are most often used in warehouses, retail stores, homes, and places where wool is stored. All pheromones are different, and the pest manager needs to understand their potential. Pest management requires monitoring and recording pest population data. Pheromones from insects such as t...

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  • Tue Jun 5 2012

    Introducing Univar Environmental Sciences

    Greetings from Univar Environmental Sciences (formerly Univar PP&S)! Our mission, as it always has been, is to help your success in dealing with your customers by aiding in the protection of communities, home, and life. This new name reflects our unending passion for helping you transform your customers’ environments to keep them disease-free and pest-free.When mosquitos are controlled, you help prevent West Nile Virus transmission. When products help ensure proper termite control, they save you from massive property damage. Helping to keep cockroach allergens at bay lowers asthma trigg...

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  • Thu May 31 2012

    Expand Your Services

    Pest control business has its traditional slow periods. This may be due to weather and the seasons, new competition moving in, or an economic fluctuation where home sales and termite work hit a major downturn. There is no reason to join the recession when there are so many possibilities out there to become involved in add-on services, or as we prefer to state it "Expanded Services". Pest Management Professionals have a great many services to offer that are related to what you are already doing - odor control, drain cleaning, pest exclusion, sanitation. Now on PestWeb, in our Business T...

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