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  • Thu Nov 1 2007

    Information to Expand Your Services

    Pest control business has its traditional slow periods. This may be due to weather and the seasons, new competition moving in, or an economic fluctuation where home sales and termite work hit a major downturn. There is no reason to join the recession when there are so many possibilities out there to become involved in add-on services, or as we prefer to state it "Expanded Services". Pest Management Professionals have a great many services to offer that are related to what you are already doing - odor control, drain cleaning, pest exclusion, sanitation. Now on PestWeb, in our Business Too...

  • Mon Oct 1 2007

    Link To BugInfo From Your Website

    Univar encourages all Pest Management Professionals to link to from their company website - to provide a informative, pro-industry resource to the general public to learn about the pest issues that they frequently encounter. Feel free to post the Banners provided above on your company website and link them to For the PMP whose company already has recognized the value that BugInfo brings to their business we can offer a version of BugInfo on which the "Find A Pest Management Professional" does not show, so you can provide the link to the w...

  • Wed Aug 1 2007

    Check out the “Pests In The News”!

    You have a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of pests, and recognize that pest organisms and pest management issues affect people all over the world in the same way they do right here at home. From Australia to Austria, from England to New England, bugs, birds, and rodents have an impact on humans. PestWeb now offers you the "Pests In The News" resource, where you can read a great many new articles every day from world wide news media. Keep in touch with what the pest management industries face around the world.

  • Sun Jul 1 2007

    New Master Technician Course

    Hate those weeds? Planning to use a little chemical warfare on them? Hope to avoid killing your neighbor's heritage oak tree? Weed control chemicals can be a marvelous tool for eliminating or preventing unwanted weeds, in a lawn, the landscape, or along a roadside. But, if you don't understand the biology of the weeds or the nature of the herbicides it can lead to some serious and very obvious problems. In Master Technician Course 604 - "Weed Control - The Chemicals" - we offer you a glimpse into the uses of weed control products, along with the precautions you need to know to keep them eff...