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  • Sun Nov 1 2009

    Ask Mr. Pest Control!

    Got a problem you’d like another opinion on? Take a couple of minutes and ask Mr. Pest Control. Any and all questions are important and will be answered as soon as possible, hopefully with some hints and ideas that are helpful and always with a little sense of humor. Your question might already have been answered, and you can view 8 years of Ask Mr. Pest Control questions and answers in the Archives, available for you on PestWeb.

  • Thu Oct 1 2009


    With a web-enabled cellphone you can now access PestWeb's MSDS & Lables Document Database, Master Technician Online Training, the Ask Mr. Pest Control Archive, the Pest & Weed ID Online Identification Tool, and all of PestWeb's daily news updates. Visit MOBILE.PESTWEB.COM today on your BlackBerry, iPhone, PDA, or cellphone!

  • Thu Oct 1 2009

    Rodent Season Is Right Around The Corner

    Well, Fall is finally here and rodent season is right around the corner. However, perimeter pests such as ants, earwigs and spiders are still going strong in some areas as they try to move indoors. We have several good barrier products such as Optigard Flex, Temprid, MasterLine I MaxxPro®, or MasterLine Bifenthrin 7.9 that can be used to effectively control these pests and keep them from moving into the house. You can go onto PestWeb® and look under the Product Document section (MSDS and labels) to get a list of products that are labeled for this use. Under our cross reference catalogue you...

  • Tue Sep 1 2009

    Improvements In Rodent Control Equipment And Baits

         September usually brings the last of the hot weather for the year. It is also the start of the rodent season for most regions of the country. Even though this year I’ve noticed that the weather throughout the country has been quite varied; hot in the South for the most part and cooler in the Northeast with record hot temperatures in the Northwest, I am sure we can expect the inward migration of rats and mice soon.      As you know, there have been improvements this past year in rodent control equipment and baits. Regarding the bait stations,...

  • Tue Sep 1 2009

    New Online Training Course - IPM for Cockroach Control!

    Still having trouble with Cockroaches? Still pinning all your hopes on spraying? There is a lot more to effective management of cockroaches than just the use of insecticides. Investigate the world of Integrated cockroach management with our new online training course in Master Technician - #25 IPM for Cockroach Control. It is now approved for CE credits in many states, and is available for you on PestWeb.

  • Sat Aug 1 2009

    PestWeb Newsletter Update

    Univar's goal is to always provide our customers with timely, key and updated information. We also want to be sensitive to the amount of emails you receive. So, we are spacing out the emails sent from Univar and starting with this month's PestWeb newsletter - this email will be sent to you on the 15th of each month. You can continue to expect the same news and information on a monthly basis.

  • Sat Aug 1 2009

    Training Opportunities from Univar

    Training Opportunities from Univar The passing of Norm Ehmann earlier this year gave me time to reflect on the legacy of training Univar has with the pest control industry. For decades we have been leaders in this area, and are so today with education opportunities in many venues. In addition to regular seminars presented in person we are also leaders in electronic  training, and PestWeb offers a number of resources I hope you will take advantage of. Master Technician now offers 51 courses on topics like Safety, Termites, Bedbugs, Turf Pests, and many others, approved for CE credits ...

  • Wed Jul 1 2009

    What's All This Talk About Facebook And Twitter?

    What’s all this talk about Facebook and Twitter?      The other day I asked myself, “is there no longer any good reason to avoid Facebook or Twitter?” The sites have crossed a threshold — they are now so widely trafficked that it’s fast becoming a routine aide to social interaction, like e-mail and cell phones with more than 200 million users. It’s only the most recent of many new technologies yet to come. Just think back 20 years ago when carrying a mobile phone seemed outrageous? Then as more people got phones, they became more u...

  • Wed Jul 1 2009

    Find Out What Pests Are in the News!

    Do you ever wonder what issues are facing the pest management industry in other areas of the country, or for that matter in other parts of the world? On PestWeb we offer you the opportunity to view news articles from around the world that discuss the most current issues and pest problems others are facing. The industry in your area can be affected by what happens in other places, so to keep up with this in a convenient, up to the minute format, visit the Pests In The News resource on the home page of PestWeb. From Invasive Pests to Environmental Issues, many new articles are added every day.

  • Mon Jun 1 2009

    CEU Credit Now In Massachusetts

    We are pleased to announce that license holders in Massachusetts can once again take the Master Technician online training courses on PestWeb. The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources established a new policy in 2009 that now requires the attendee of any CE approved course to receive the Massachusetts “Pesticide Training Certificate of Attendance” that is unique to each course approval. For electronic training this required some extensive new programming that is now completed, and our customers in Massachusetts may now once again avail themselves of the 50 courses in Master Te...