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  • Wed Nov 10 2010

    Bed Bugs are the Hottest Pest in the U.S.!

    Without a doubt Bed Bugs are the hottest pest in the U.S. right now, and the numbers of calls you will receive for bed bugs will only increase. For this reason Univar is now offering a collection of important resource for the Pest Management Professional to provide you with all the information you need on bed bugs and the products to control them. View our new “Bed Bug Information Resource” page to learn more about how to effectively manage this pest and to find effective resources to make your job easier.

  • Mon Nov 1 2010

    If a picture is worth a thousand words...

    So if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving picture worth?Does anybody even refer to video as “moving pictures” anymore?? Probably not. But, did you know that PestWeb has become a leading source for industry related videos? Simply go to PestWeb. com. Each month on the front (opening) page, you will be able to watch a new video informing you of the services offered by Univar. If you have missed any of the previous monthly videos just go to addition to learning more about Univar, did you know that Univar also offers over 65 traini...

  • Fri Oct 1 2010

    We call it One Source Countless Resources

    Fall has arrived, and with the new season there’s always plenty to do, especially when you’re running a successful business. New goals to reach, new products to learn about, new challenges to meet, new employees to train, and the ever-important new customers to win. Covering all your bases isn’t easy. To add to your tasks at hand, searching for the best solutions for your customers from umpteen and varied resources can be timeconsuming, confusing, and counter-productive. I’m reminded of a recent home improvement project – imagine if screws were only sold at one store, drill bits somewhere e...

  • Wed Sep 1 2010

    Reach Your Customers with Social Media

    Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”During these fast moving times, change is paramount. The way that we advertise and communicate with customers is totally changing. Traditional marketing is being challenged and could one day be obsolete. Customers want to be engaged more. Hence, social media is taking off. In fact, social media site traffic has doubled in the past year. Per the Jupiter Report – social network users are three times more likely to trust peer opinions over advertising in purchase decisions. So, in this new age of technomarketin...

  • Wed Sep 1 2010

    New Online Training Course!

    When those beetles show up on the window sill, how can you be certain what they are and where they are coming from? Even if you know for sure they came out of the wood in the walls, or the floor, or some furniture, what is the proper course of action to recommend to your customer? Making the wrong decision could cost the homeowner thousands of dollars or result in a continuing problem. New Course 404 on Master Technician – Wood Infesting Beetles and Fumigation – explores the many kinds of beetles that may be in structural wood. You will learn how to identify them, to understand their biolog...

  • Sun Aug 1 2010

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs continue to be a growing industry for professional pest management, and industry experts remind us that insecticides are unlikely to resolve the infestation by themselves. The use of other non-chemical tools is necessary, including the use of bed bug monitors and traps. Univar now carries a growing arsenal of these tools, and you can find this growing list in the Product Catalog on EZ-Order. Just select the Insect Traps and Bait Stations category and then Bed Bug Traps & Monitors for detailed information and images. Remember too that Univar carries a wide selection of mattress and ...

  • Sun Aug 1 2010

    Solutions for Fly Control

    It’s hot, muggy and absolutely wonderful….if you are a fly. There are several species of flies that love this weather, including house flies and larger flies, such as blow and deer flies. You have several options when dealing with house flies, depending on the level of control needed and location. However, no matter what program you set up, sanitation is a key factor to successful control. House flies are attracted to and breed in exposed food, garbage and other decaying materials. Eliminate the source by removing the food or by cleaning the garbage can and making sure the lid fits. As you ...

  • Thu Jul 1 2010

    100% Effective on Bed Bugs?

    Recent research on bed bugs done at the University of Kentucky came up with some interesting new information on this resurgent pest that, by now, all PMPs must be experiencing. One ominous comment in particular caught my eye, and this was “no insecticide or no non-chemical practice ALONE is 100 percent effective in eliminating bed bugs.” Those with a great deal of experience with bed bug infestations already know this to be true. The common bed bug must be attacked with a varied arsenal of weapons if we are going to be successful. Univar understands this very well too, and we are taking the...

  • Thu Jul 1 2010

    Univar Spotlight On Safety

    Univar USA strives to be the one supplier for all your pest management needs. Our slogan “One Source, Countless Resources” is demonstrated once again by our wide selection of safety products, all listed and pictured in detail in our “Safety Products” Catalog, available in your local Pro Center office or online at . We can outfit you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and every point in between, from head protection to eyewear to respiratory protection to coveralls and gloves and down to shoe covers and boots. We provide equipment for preventing spills, a...

  • Tue Jun 1 2010

    New Online Course - "Termite ID and Fumigation"

    The Master Technician online training on PestWeb continues to grow, with new courses added on a regular basis. Our newest course is #403 Termite ID and Fumigation, bringing our total number of training opportunities to 53 online courses in a wide variety of topics. This new course in the “Fumigation - 400 Series” has been submitted to the states currently approving our courses for Continuing Education credits, and will be added to each state as the approvals are granted.