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Small Message, Big Impact - Step 1

In this e-learning course, Terri shares the content from her book, Small Message, Big Impact in an easy to view online “webinar-like” format. There are 10 sessions in the course which can be taken at your own pace. Each session includes a chapter(s) from the book and runs approximately 20-35 minutes. This program was created to visually bring the material from SMBI to life; in a simple yet effective format to spark your creativity, generate ideas, and spur you to action. Developed with both individuals and groups in mind, this material can be applied across a full spectrum of professions and endeavors.

  • Session 01 - Discover the Power of the Elevator Speech
  • Session 02 - Define Your Intention
  • Session 03 - The Basic Core Outline to Get You Started
  • Session 04 - Build a Persuasive Case
  • Session 05 - Get Creative and Bring the Message to Life
  • Session 06 - Delivery: Speak in Your Own Authentic Voice
  • Session 07 - Earn the Right to Be Heard
  • Session 08 - “Plus-ing” the Elevator Speech
  • Session 09 - Walk Through it Before You Run with It
  • Session 10 - It’s a Dance: Practice and Evaluate to Improve and Grow

"Don't just think of an Elevator Speech as a generic tool you use in chance moments consider the concept as a strategy to manage multiple talking points and to communicate more complex ideas as well." --Terri Sjodin

Program Cost: $29.95

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