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INSTANT REBATE! SNAKE SCRAM PROFESSIONAL – AMERICA’S FINEST™ SNAKE REPELLENT! $10 OFF 22# BUCKET (795970) $5 OFF 8# PAIL (795075) Trusted and used by Professionals since 2011. Ideal for use on golf courses, playing fields, organic gardens, ponds and more.Two sizes available for both residential and commercial properties. • Works on ALL SNAKES without harm • NON-TOXIC to fish, water and wildlife • ALL NATURAL – Safe to use near people and pets Biodegradable, granular, scientifically blended formula that’s safe for the environment. Changes animal's environment – they avoid and leave the area. Ideal around organic gardens, flowerbeds, landscaping, streams, ponds, pools and water supplies. • GRANULAR FORMULA -- no mixing/spraying • WON’T WASH OFF with rain or irrigation – application lasts 30 to 45 days • EASY TO APPLY -- low cost, low labor • All-natural – DOES NOT HARM ANIMALS • SAFELY USED near people and pets EPIC -- AMERICA’S FINEST™ ANIMAL REPELLENTS

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