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ZP Squirrel Oat Fmla Rup

Bell Laboratories

Kills Rats, Mice & Gophers ZP RODENT BAIT is an acute, pelleted rodenticide that contains the active ingredient, zinc phosphide. ZP RODENT BAIT provides fast, economical clean-out of infested areas, often killing rats, mice and gophers within hours. In laboratory tests, 95% to 100% mortality was achieved overnight with rats and mice. Just teaspoon amounts of ZP RODENT BAIT, equal in effectiveness to 4 oz. of anticoagulant bait, can control in one feeding. The active ingredient, Zinc Phosphide, is mixed throughout the bait, not merely coated on, for maximum acceptance. Food-grade cereals and enhancers add to the bait's taste and stability. ZP RODENT BAIT remains stable under most outdoor conditions. When ingested by rodents, ZP RODENT BAIT comes in contact with dilute acids in the stomach, releasing toxic phosphine gas. The ZP is not stored in muscle or other tissue of poisoned animals; there is no true secondary poisoning.

Additional Information

Its odor is not offensive to rodents but it does discourage non-target animals. Zinc phosphide is a natural emetic.

ZP RODENT BAIT is an excellent choice for quick knock-down, such as down burrows. A small scoop is included in each bottle.

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