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Product Details

Xcluder® Garage Door Seal Kit - 16' x 2"

XCLUDER® by Global Material Technologies

Our unique X2™ retainer allows the combination of the Xcluder®Rodent Proof Door seals and a durable brush seal to provide your home or business with the ultimate protection. The Xcluder® Rodent Proof Door Seal features heavy duty rubber outer layer lined with our patented Xcluder® fill fabric to provide dependable protection against rodents and the elements. The brush seal faces the inside of the door and conforms to textured or uneven surfaces eliminating tiny gaps and blocking light and insects. The kits includes everything you need to replace the old seal on your garage with the Xcluder® rodent proof garage door seal. Kits Include: Aluminum retainers* Xcluder® Rodent Proof Door Seal - 4" Wide Brush Seal Mounting Screws Installation Instructions *All retainers ship in 4' sections

Product Specifications

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1 Kit 840824

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