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Product Details

VOLE SCRAM PRO 22-lb Bucket

EPIC -- Enviro Protection Industries

Vole Scram Professional is a simple -- and, simply, the best -- granular solution for voles in the landscaper's marketplace. Our triple-action formula makes soil and tunnels smell bad to voles, and makes vegetation (foliage, seeds, stems, roots, bulbs and tubers) taste bad. Vole Scram is quickly and easily applied with a rotary spreader, changing the voles' environment to drive them out of infested lawsn, turf and garden beds. Our all-natural ingredients are formulated to coat the voles’ foods with a bad taste. Designed for professional use by Pest Control Operators, Landscapers, Grounds & Golf Course Superintendents, and all Landscape Installation & Maintenance Professionals. All-organic ingredients, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Coverage: One 22-pound bucket covers about 16,750 square feet.

Product Specifications

EPIC -- Enviro Protection Industries
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
22-pound bucket Pail Stl 804215

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