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Product Details

Vapore D65-AV

Vpr Impex Inc

As opposed to a regular steam cleaner or steam machine, the VAPOREĀ® line utilizes dry vapor technology with a humidity level between 4 and 6%. The residential ecological vapor and vacuum Vapore D65-AV is the only residential vapor and vacuum model of the VAPOREĀ® line. The Vapore D65-AV acts as two machines in one unit. The vapor not only dissolves dirt and grime, but is scientifically certified to disinfect any surface, thoroughly eliminating bacteria and viruses in an ecological way without use of chemicals. With the water filtration system of the vacuum, Vapore D65-AV collects dirt and traps it in the water without the risk of spreading dust.

Product Specifications

Vpr Impex Inc
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
Sys Vapd65 Each 841167

Additional Information

As an added feature the Vapore D65-AV also has a HEPA filtration system to ensure the cleanliness of the air is not compromised. Equipped with a cold water reservoir, the Vapore D65-AV has a continuous fill feature which allows you to refill the vapor system with water at any time, without stopping. With its detachable hose, the Vapore D65-AV also gives you the possibility to use the optional iron (sold separately), transforming your cleaning system into a central pressing station

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