20 mgk 0156 ONEGARD Tower Ad 120x600 f

Product Details

Ever wondered why we package them in 6-packs? The glue holds up for 60-days unless theyre full. Saving you time and money. The PestWest® Universal Glue Boards are available in both discreet black (Product code: BOAMAN853) and "High Definition' white (Product code: BOAMANWT) and have been used in a wide variety of applications even OUTSIDE of the light trap. Used around homes and restaurants as an insect monitor, around plumbing monitoring insect access spots (scorpions, brown recluse, etc) captures small invasive vertebrates, among many other uses. Certainly the preferred board for all non-chemical applications and is your watch dog when you're not on the scene. Fit many different fly traps, see our web site for a complete list at www.pestwest.com/us

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
. Package 777377
20 mgk 0156 ONEGUARD Leaderboard Ad 728x90 f
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