Product Details

Trapper Rat Glueboard Pro Pac

Bell Laboratories

For large jobs, save time with TRAPPER PRO Pack which contains 12 glue boards. Boards simply slide out of the Professional Dispenser Pack - no tape, bands or packaging to remove. The Pack features an "easy-carry" handle and a resealable end for easy storage and transport. On the job, disposal of used boards is simple; just slide them back into the Pack and dispose of them when convenient. To protect Glue Boards from dust and debris, use them with TRAPPER Tunnel, a sanitary, professional-looking cover that prolongs the glue's effectiveness while keeping captured rodents out of view. Tunnels are made of sturdy white plastic or cardboard and are sold separately. TRAPPER Bulk Glue is also available in a 1-gallon can for those who wish to make their own glue boards for unique control situations.

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