Product Details

Talpirid Mole Trap 4/cs

Bell Laboratories

Heavy-Duty, Easy-to-Use Mole Trap Bell offers the pest control industry the latest in mole trap technology with new TALPIRID More Trap. Designed for safe, easy use, TALPIRID Mole Trap features dual springs for maximum power and curved jaws that scoop moles for improved capture. The trap's yellow foot pedal makes setting "hands free." To use, PMPs place the trap jaws in an active mole tunnel and step on the trap's yellow foot pedal which sets the trigger below the surface. The trap has a low profile, when set, as it sits close to the ground. The yellow foot pedal springs up making notification of capture easy and safe. The trap can be easily and safely disengaged and relocated to other mole tunnels, depending on mole pressure. Made of glass-filled nylon, TALPIRID Mole Trap will not rust and can be used over and over all types of soils. TALPIRID Mole Trap can be used alone or as the ideal complement to a complete TALPIRID Mole Control Program.

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