Product Details

PestWest REPLACEMENT boards for the Sun Dew & Sunburst brands insect light traps traps are double-sealed, front and back, to protect against moisture absorption, in steamy or high moisture environments such as kitchens etc. This avoids the problem of the board warping with time, which can create problems. As a special glue is used on the PestWest boards, the glue stays on the board and not on your hands or clothes, if accidentally touched. Other cheaper, inferior boards often have wet glues that can be very messy to handle. While wet glues appear very sticky to the touch, many of them form a very thin hard skin on the glue surface when in contact with air or UV light. This can prevent small insects from being trapped. AVAILABLE ALSO IN WHITE

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
3/PK Package 754634
20 mgk 0156 ONEGUARD Leaderboard Ad 728x90 f