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Product Details

Summit B.T.I. Briquets

AMVAC Environmental Products

For more than 35 years, fast-acting Summitâ„¢ B.t.i. Briquets have been the industry standard in extended release B.t.i. formulations for control of mosquitoes in the larval stage. Few products match their record of reliable and environmentally benign performance. Summit B.t.i. Briquets release larvicide B.t.i, a natural bacterium found in soils, which mosquito larvae ingest, dying before they become adults.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
100/cs 30 Day CS 611803
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Additional Information


  • Active ingredient: B.t.i. (10.31%)—a bacterium that's deadly to mosquito larvae but harmless to other living things such as aquatic insects, fish and other aquatic life
  • IRAC Group 11A Insecticide
  • MOA: Microbial disruptor of insect midgut membranes
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