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Strike Pel Alabama


StrikeĀ® Pellets offer convenient, 30-day release of the EPA-approved insect growth regulator, (S)-methoprene. Formulated for extended holdings times, Strike PelletsĀ® are ideal for aerial and ground applications to uniformly and completely treat an area. Strike PelletsĀ® are available in a 22 lb. package. As with all Strike formulations, continued use prevents future infestations of midge and filter flies.

Additional Information

Strike® Pellets are an ideal formulation where there are extended holding times and areas can be uniformly and completely treated easily by hand on the basis of surface area. Lagoons and ponds can be treated with a 20-foot band of Strike® pellets around the perimeter in some cases for sufficient control. It is always best to treat the entire surface area for best results. Apply Strike® pellets at the rate of 5-10 pounds per acre where wastewater treatment pests are an issue.

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