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Product Details

Skunk Scram™ Professional is our new addition to the Scram family of Repellents. It is designed specifically to stop, then prevent damage caused by skunks. It is both highly effective and long lasting.

Skunks are nocturnal creatures, and their activity increases primarily in the spring. Skunks are a nuisance especially in urban and suburban areas. They produce a powerfully pungent spray, can damage lawns extensively, and dig in garden beds while searching for food. T hey are also one of the major carriers of the rabies virus, as well as the host for the canine parvo virus disease found in pets.

Skunk Scram Professional is a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients that repels skunks and alters their environment in two ways:
• Food tastes bad and their digestive system is disturbed.
• Tunnels and surrounding soil become bad-smelling.

Eco-friendly ~ Won’t harm skunks, people or pets.
All-Natural formula contains no chemicals and works on their senses of taste and smell to deter them from treated areas.
Stops lawn damage and prevents return to treated area. Prevents returning skunk intrusion under and around buildings and structures
Fast Acting ~ Won’t wash off in normal rainfall

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