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Scent Savor 1qt 12/cs

Pest West USA LLC

Spray it upside down, it doesnt matter... This non-insecticidal, environmentally friendly ULV formulation that successfully neutralizes odors, including smoke, fish, animal, rodent, trash and sewer odors. The spray any way valve allows these quarts to be used in more places AND is a great leave behind or retail item. Scent Savor is a highly effective, high quality product, which successfully neutralizes odors without damaging the environment. Application of this proprietary blend of essential oils utilizes the ideal droplet size with the minimum volume to impact the malodor molecule and neutralize it. Great in Hotels, transportation, attics, basements, gymnasiums, locker rooms, cruise ships, and ALL non-food areas of restaurants, hospitals, schools and universities, governments facilities, office buildings and many more.

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. Bottle 805632

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